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Please make sure you read down the main page for updated information and current items that need attention.


Call it what you like, Mardis Gras, Carnivale, Spring Break, you’re all here for the same reason. Passions loosed, inhibitions discarded, life released. You’re here to party, and there’s no town for a party like the Big Easy.

Or at least that’s what you tell yourselves. But deep inside, with the most real part of you, you know there’s another reason. You can’t see the mask without trying to imagine the face behind it, and you can’t see the party without seeing the city past it. Dark alleys, ancient magic, secret societies, they all come to the bayou eventually. There is darkness here, darkness and evil of a kind that the rest of the country, the rest of the -world- can only imagine.

Isn’t that why you brought your light? You shimmer with it, with the potential of deeds done on a scale we can only call heroic. You want to save the damsel, fight the demon, expose the grifter, don’t you?

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started.


Note: Lots of people are using the templates and leaving their default name as Username. When you go to edit the template you will see a line that includes User:Username|Username. If your username is, say, John - then you should change this to read User:John|John What this does is it shows just the name John on the page, but it links to a page titled User:John. You need the page to be titled User:John (or whatever your username is) so people can locate you. If you leave User:Username then it will point to a blank page, along with other people, that you can't edit. If you are confused or need a hand get a hold of JKRende for help.


This is as simple as putting the name of the band and title the album and the song underneath. Any original content that you own does not need to be acknowledged thus, but by uploading it to this wiki you agree to hold harmless Sinful Illusions for it's presence - simply let us know if you want it removed. If we are contacted by any lawyer or other party who legally owns a song uploaded to the wiki we will remove it promptly. Also, remember, we have finite server space so if we begin to run out of space songs will be the first thing to go.

Also, please note - you don't want the largest image you can find for the top of your wiki page. What this does is displace the userboxes and in some cases you wind up with a character portrait that is wider than some people's monitors. Please feel free to use larger images further down the page, but it only makes it difficult for some other players to view the page properly if the contents and userboxes are displaced off the page by a massive character portrait. Please try to keep this portrait to 300 - 400 pixels at most and remember - a wiki page can be as long as you like and include links to as many related pages as you would like to create.

Venue ST's and Players: please contact JKRende if you have any problems or aren't sure how to do something - he will be more than happy to assist you in creating a PC page or assisting with any other problem you may have or if you need a wiki page deleted.

Please report any bugs to JKRende



So I make a wiki? Who can change what?

There are really only a few wiki rules:

1. No nudity or pornography. A good rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn't be comfortable in the exact same mode of dress (or undress) in a photograph - you personally - as the image you are thinking of uploading? Don't upload it. Keep it tasteful and have fun!

2. Attribute your sources! Especially MP3's or other media. Don't post copyrighted material as your own, the admins will remove it as soon as it is discovered.

3. If you put up a quote section / quotes then don't remove them! You can fix grammar and spelling on your page, heck on ANY page if you are so inclined, but if you leave a quote section up then you have left a place for people to comment on your PC. If you can't handle that some people may leave unflattering comments, then don't put up any quote section. Like wise, once you put a quote up, it's up, this was IC interaction, quotes should be left in place. If you're PC later changes their stance, by all means, add second or third quotes and so on, but once it's there? It should remain there.

4. Remember: if you decide to build your own site elsewhere that's fine: but when someone uses a link to show all the Get of Fenris at the Sept or all the Malkavians in the Camarilla or all the Malefactors in New Orleans? You will not show up. This can result in you being left out of things. We do not require a wiki, we will not penalize you for not being on the wiki, but using it benefits the game at large.

Have fun!

Sinful Illusions Code of Conduct



Okay folks, here's the low down. Your Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension teams are desperately in need of help. We do NOT want to scavenge active players out of their respective venues, so if you play nightly and are active in venue we will only consider you for an Assistant slot at this time - but if you want to give your hand a try, please fill out an application and submit it to either the venue HST or to Dastai. Please feel free to ask questions if your unsure what this job takes, most of the staff will be more than willing to talk to you about it. Also, please note that you should have been a player here for at least a few months prior to applying so the staff is familiar with you.

Staff Application

FPM the Werewolf Head Story Teller JKRende Here.

FPM the Vampire Head Story Teller RegretNot Here.

FPM the Mage Head Story Teller Elghinn Here.

FPM the Demon Head Story Teller Possum Here. (Yes, demon is open for business again!)

FPM the Administrator Elghinn Here.

(FPM is short for Forum Private Message for our new players - you must be a registered user to send an FPM.)






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