Sinful Illusions Staff Application

Currently we are looking for the following staff members actively.

  • Changeling ST
  • Mortal Narrators and STs
  • Mage Narrators and STs
  • Werewolf Narrators and STs
  • Demon Narrators and STs

If you would like to apply for a specific position or venue, submit this questionnaire via private message on the forums to the HST in charge of the venue, or to the Admins directly.  Please make sure to answer all the questions!

Contact Information

Real Name:


Email Address:


Position Desired (please list venue or subvenue as applicable) & Why you want this position:

What time zone are you in?

What are your usual available hours?

How many staff hours a week can you “on average” put towards the game?

Skype Username: (if you have one. Staff often communicates via Skype IM).

Resources (Books or PDFs Owned):



Sinful Illusions Characters (Include Retired and Dead Characters as well):

Experience TT Story Telling & RPing :

Experience Online Story Telling & RPing (please list which sites and the ST name you had and if you still work there):

Have you ever been banned or fired from another online roleplaying site? If yes, why?

Please list any references if you have them:

Which World of Darkness games do you have the most experience with as a player and storyteller?

How long have you been playing online RPGs?

How long have you been playing any RPGs?

Story Teller Questions

What makes you want to be a storyteller on SI and the venue you are applying for?

What kind of storylines do you like to run as an ST?

What are your strengths and weaknesses as an ST?

How would you deal with a conflict between players?

How would you deal with a conflict between storytellers?

How would you handle a player who is attempting to manipulate storytellers?

How would you handle a player who wishes to make a complaint against you?

How would you deal with a hostile player who is dissatisfied with the venue you storytell in?

What do you feel you can contribute to the venue you are applying for?

When should a player be banned from a venue or subvenue?

What are your thoughts on favoritism and how we should deal with that situation between staff and their friends?

Other Questions

Pick a location for a scene where a powerful enemy might observe players and describe it as if you were running. Note at the end which venue/player type you are anticipating and what the enemy is.

What ideas for the Venue in which you are applying?

When do you think character death is appropriate? This is open-ended intentionally.