As some of you know, our chat server lost a harddrive on Thanksgiving day. Our amazing server admin has restored to a temporary drive/backup as of Friday. However, to fully fix the server we will be going down sometime Thursday/Friday upcoming and restoring from the pre-thanksgiving backup. This backup revision will NOT affect the forums or character sheets, however if there are logs you need from Thanksgiving until downtime, they must be requested ASAP. Also, we are aware that the chat color scheme got corrupted in this process, we are hoping the backup revision will solve the problem, otherwise we will re-do it after that point.
The current status of Venues are:
Werewolf – Open
Mage – Open
Vampire – Open
Demon – Open
Mortal – Closed
Changeling – Closed
Fera – Closed

SignalDancer & The Staff

Everyone comes here the same way.

Call it what you like, Mardis Gras, Carnivale, Spring Break, you’re all here for the same reason. Passions loosed, inhibitions discarded, life released. You’re here to party, and there’s no town for a party like the Big Easy. Or at least that’s what you tell yourselves. But deep inside, with the most real part of you, you know there’s another reason. You can’t see the mask without trying to imagine the face behind it, and you can’t see the party without seeing the city past it. Dark alleys, ancient magic, secret societies, they all come to the bayou eventually. There is darkness here, darkness and evil of a kind that the rest of the country, the rest of the -world- can only imagine. Isn’t that why you brought your light? You shimmer with it, with the potential of deeds done on a scale we can only call heroic. You want to save the damsel, fight the demon, expose the grifter, don’t you? Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started.

Welcome to Sinful Illusions, the Old World of Darkness game set in New Orleans. Click on register above to join the site and get started, and don’t forget to register for the forums too!
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